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Air Freight Services

We specialize in providing best in industry Air Freight solutions to thousands of destinations across the globe. Air freight is the industries fastest transportation mode and is useful for customers who want to move their inventory across the globe on demand. We work daily to secure contract rates to most popular destinations in order to make sure our pricing is more cost effective than our competitors can offer. Below are just some of the air freight services we offer. You can also see our promotional rates!

General Cargo

This is the most common service offered in air freight. It includes most commodities that are non-dangerous goods and don’t require special services like refrigeration.

Dangerous Goods

We also offer specialized air freight for commodities that are classified as dangerous goods. We provide the declarations, specific classifications, repacking and labeling required to comply with export regulations set by IATA.

Perishable Cargo

Transporting perishable goods? We can assist in making sure that they are stored, processed, and shipped in a temperature controlled environment.

AOG – Aircraft on Ground

Aircraft on Ground or AOG is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. We can deliver parts needed to put it back in the air within 24-72 hours depending on final destination.

Oversized Cargo

Having a problem shipping your oversized cargo overseas? We can gladly offer you cargo aircraft service as well as charter service depending on your needs.